The European Danda

Ashram and Retreat Center

Retreat Testimonials

from Anthony Costabile, first congregation

The public and devotee retreat at the European Danda […..]
Bhagavan’s Divine Presence and Blessing-Grace are Potently Alive in this Holy Place. It is a Gift to be here and an honor to have served this four-day retreat, with devotees and public attending from all over Europe.
A great deal of planning, preparation, and cooperative service among European devotees here went into the staging of this retreat, and it was a demonstration of cooperative sacred culture and the life-practice of Adidam being lived with “everybody serving and everybody served”.
Coincident with the combined public and cultural retreat there was a children’s retreat served by many parents and other devotees […..]

from Wolfgang Krause, 2nd Congregation, Berlin

I thank Beloved Adi Da so much for the extraordinary Gift of the retreat at the Danda. Sighting the Divine Form of Bhagavan all day long, with beautiful Slide-shows and Darshans was what my heart truly needed. The excellent children’s sacred performance reminded me once more that turning to Bhagavan, beholding His Divine Form, happiness is always available and already given. Anthony’s presentations helped to sensitize me to Beloved Adi Da’s Great Work with the Great Tradition. The most important gift of this retreat was to experience the power of collective invocation of Bhagavan, collective Beholding of our Beloved Heart-Master and understanding that the Way is only possible when lived as a community of devotees—especially after Bhagavan has Taken His Eternal Stand with His Divine Mahasamadhi. Iam so happy that even though Beloved Bhagavan Left His Physical Body, still nothing has fundamentally changed. Bhagavan is Completely Alive, Present, Blessing us Eternally. I thank our Beloved Heart-Master very much, I love Beloved Adi Da very much and pray that I may be His servant forever. Wolfgang

from Ilka Pusche, third congregation, Germany

Beloved Adi Da,
I’m very thankful for the retreat in the Danda. It is a very special place, has Big Energy and has touched my heart deeply. I would like to say thank You for coming and staying here, for allowing me to see and feel all the devotees that You Love. I will go with strong energy and love and I try ever and ever to give it back to You.
Love, Ilka