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On the Other Side of Purr

Exerpt from a talk by Adi Da Samraj, December 13, 1996

ADI DA SAMRAJ: Cats Contemplate, meditate, inherently. It is structurally determined, even. Disturbed cats don’t purr. Jostle a cat physically, require physical attention from a cat, they stop purring. They can’t purr and be physically active in the ordinary sense other than in the act of purring.

Da Jayanthi 2012

Catherine Dames tells the story of Mimi, the Cat in the European Danda:

During an Avataric Discourse on Naitauba in 2004 Petrus Faller from Germany was speaking with Bhagavan on the computer. At the end of the conversation he held up a small kitten and told Bhagavan that his daughter wanted to offer the kitten to Him as a gift. Beloved thought for a brief moment and then said ”She should live at the European Danda.”

When I returned to Holland after spending time on Naitauba and in New Zealand, I asked about the kitten. I was told that nobody was willing to look after her so she went to Matt Braithwate’s house, a short distance away. He already had several cats so the kitten joined the family and not long afterwards delivered a litter of kittens herself. So I asked him if Mimi could come to the Danda as I would be more than happy to take care of her. He and his partner came around to check out whether I would be a suitable person to look after Mimi and as their impression was positive, she arrived at the Danda the next day.

By the way, Matt had named her Mimi because after her kittens were born, when she left them for a short while, on her return, the kittens would all call out ‘mimi, mimi, mimi in their high-pitched kitten voices. So Matt decided that that must be her name – Mimi.

I feel this cat as a wonderful gift from Beloved to the Danda. She is a very relational and sweet cat who loves to be stroked and made a fuss of. She is very much an outdoor cat and the Danda property is ideal for her with all the woods and open spaces around. She is a hunter and helps to keep the mice numbers down in and around the building. Of course she does not like the cold weather so prefers in winter to cuddle up under a blanket in her ‘domain’ which is the cellar. But when Spring comes ( and it has been very late this year) she is out and about all night and most of the day.

In summertime when we participate in the Worldwide Prayer of Changes at the Da Peace Site in the woods she often turns up. This is one of her favorite places as she often comes with me when I serve the garden there.

Unfortunately she is a rather nervous character. When a lot of people arrive for a big Celebrations she disappears and is often not seen for several days. I used to be concerned at these times imagining unpleasant possibilities, but now I realize she just likes a quiet life. Also she is quite scared of dogs so if there ‘s a dog around she is on full alert.

Many devotees, both residents and visitors enjoy contact with Mimi. She always gives a welcome to her special friends. This weekend for example she turned up outside the door of a room where a devotee was staying who had come for the Celebration, She must have slipped through the heavy glass door at the top of the stairs when someone went through it because she does not normally go upstairs.

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