The European Danda

Ashram and Retreat Center

About the European Danda


The European Danda Ashram and Retreat Center in Maria Hoop, Holland, is offering Retreats for practitioners of the Way of Adidam, and for the public. Public Retreats are offered in Spring, Summer and Autumn, with participants from all over Europe.

Adi Da has often emphasized the importance of regular periods of retreat: “To establish the religious life,” He once said, “you must step aside, step out, go on retreat—in effect, organize your life on the basis of truth, the right principle, the Great Process.”

Apart from the retreat facilities which include powerful meditation halls, we have a spiritual bookstore and a little gift shop where you can buy meditation articles as well as a selection of organic food.

There is also an Art Gallery with a beautiful selection of Adi Da´s Transcendental Image-Art and the possibility to show suites of His Artwork in digital form on three large screens.